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Master’s in Ireland

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Cost of studying in Ireland can be divided into;

  1. Tuition Fees (Course Fees) as a part of cost of studying in Ireland

  2. Living Expenses as a part of cost of studying in Ireland

  3. Other Expenses as a part of cost of studying in Ireland


Tuition Fees at Irish Institutions (in general):


Courses in Ireland Course Fee in Euro (range) Course fee in INR (range)
Engineering courses in Ireland Euro 9100 to Euro 19000 Rs 5.9 lacs to Rs 12.5 lacs approx.
Science and Technology including IT related courses in Ireland Euro 9100 to Euro 19000 Rs 5.9 lacs to Rs 12.5 lacs approx.
Business related courses in Ireland Euro 8000 to Euro 16500 Rs 5.2 lacs to Rs 10.7 lacs
Arts and Humanities courses in Ireland Euro 9100 to Euro 15500 Rs 5.9 lacs to Rs 10 lacs
Medicine related courses in Ireland Euro 29000 to Euro 42000 Rs 19 lacs to 27 lacs

 1 Euro is calculated as Rs 65 in the above table. To know the rate now at this time please click here.


Cost of studying in Ireland based on programs:


MBA in Ireland


MBA in Ireland may cost between Euro 8000 to Euro 15000 (except the UCD MBA which costs Euro 34500) (full course fee)


Masters in Ireland


Following Masters in Ireland will cost between Euro 10000 to Euro 15000 (except for a few programmes that may go up to Euro 17000)

Masters in the field of:


  1. Management
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  6. International Business / Entrepreneurship
  7. Media
  8. Information Technology (IT)
  9. Information Systems
  10. Cloud Computing
  11. Data Analytics and/or Data Mining
  12. Software Engineering
  13. Project Management
  14. Computing (and/or Communications Software, Enterprise Software Systems, other combinations)
  15. Computer Science
  16. Sustainable Energy Systems
  17. Electronics / Electrical Engineering
  18. VLSI Design
  19. Embedded Systems
  20. Biomedical Science
  21. Biomedical Device Materials
  22. Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy)
  23. Pharmaceutical Technology and/or Quality Systems


Bachelors in Ireland


Tuition Fees:

Most Bachelors Degree in Ireland costs between Euro 7000 to Euro 11000 per year.


Popular Bachelors Degrees:

 Some extremely popular Bachelors degree in Ireland are Business Management (or BBA), Software Systems, IT, Computer Science, Gaming Technology, Biomedical Science, Data Science, Pharmacy, Medicine.


Living Expenses in Ireland:

Cost of living is generally between 7000 and 10000 euros per year. This includes your accommodation, food, travel, books, some warm clothing, etc. It all depends on where are you studying Ireland and what type of accommodation you choose largely



Other Expenses under cost of studying in Ireland:


This includes the following:

Visa application, travel insurance, medical insurance*, mobile phone and such other expenses.


Medical Insurance*:

  • You are required to show proof of comprehensive medical insurance when registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau
  • Proof of health insurance is also required when applying for a student visa and before entering in to Ireland
  • Both travel and medical Insurance is valid for only one year


Super News:


Indian students who stay in Ireland for at least one year are eligible for public hospital treatment under the same conditions as an Irish citizen. Under this scheme, students pay Euro 100 for a visit to the Emergency Department (ED) and, on admission to hospital, a further Euro 75 per day up to a maximum of Euro 750 for the first ten days. No further charges are incurred if a student remains in hospital for longer than this. Note: Students are not covered if they travel to Northern Ireland (in the UK) or other EU countries. Further information can be obtained at theHealth Service Executive (HSE). This scheme does not apply to students staying for less than a year in Ireland.

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