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Glossary Of Terminology

Glossary of Terminology

This Glossary of Terminology is unavoidable if you are planning to study abroad.


Important Glossary of Terminology


Optional Practical Training (OPT):

Time period when UG & PG students, after graduating, are permitted to work for a max. of 1 year to acquire practical training in their fields.


Associate Degree:

In the USA, an associate degree is equivalent to the first two years of a four year college or university Bachelors degree. It is an academic degree awarded by the community colleges, junior colleges, business colleges and some bachelor’s degree upon completion of a course of study usually for two years (60 credits). It is the lowest in hierarchy of post secondary academic degrees offered in USA.


Credential Evaluation:

Many institutes will ask for a credential evaluation or a course-by-course evaluation from bodies like ECE and WES. Essentially, these are organizations that convert your % or 10 scale GPA or other grading systems to the standard USA 4.0 scale GPA. You will have to send your academic documents to these companies and they will then assess your marks and give you a revised transcript. You will have to ask them to send the evaluation report to the universities that have requested it, just like you report your GRE, GMAT or TOEFL scores to universities.



A first year undergraduate student is a Freshman.



The term used to describe a student in the second year of study (generally referring to high school or university study)



A term used to describe a student in the third year.



A term used to describe a student in the final year (generally fourth year)



Students, who have completed a part of their undergraduate degree and want to go to the USA, can apply as a transfer student. Students generally prefer to transfer after finishing their first two years of undergraduate studies (ie the associate degree). Admissions in to the third year of undergraduate studies is easier and widely acceptable by US Universities than in to the second or fourth year.


i20 –

Let us simplify this for you: It’s the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Status. Essentially, once the university makes you an offer, they will either send the i20 or tell you what are the next few steps for you to complete to get this Form i20. You will need this in order to pay your SEVIS Fee (I 901). And apply for your nonimmigrant visa to study in the USA. Once you’re there, you’ll need it for your driver’s licence (if you can afford a car!) and social security number.



When classes begin. Spring – January/ February. Fall – August/ September. Summer – April/ May. Winter – December. Fall is usually the main intake. And  Spring is after that.

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